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• 4/29/2018

Blue, Gwenllian & gansey - the curse

I wanna know- Blue and Gwenllian have the same power, and the only reason Gansey died when blue kissed him, was because of his leyline heart( a mirror), which was too weak to compete with blue's heart/power ( a mirror). So when Gwenllian kissed Gansey, shouldn't he have died right then and there?
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• 4/14/2018

The Raven Cycle series

Where can I get all four books to download free? It's because my parents won't allow me to buy novels so I download them. Help me.
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• 12/5/2017

Wiki Overhaul

Hopefully I'll be completely revamping the wiki in the next couple of weeks (it's in pretty sad repair organization wise) but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as I go along? Hopefully by the end it'll be an actual useful resource lmao.
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• 10/3/2017

Blue's Curse

After Blue kisses Gansey and therefore ends his life because of the kiss, did the curse break? Will she be able to kiss him after the initial deadly kiss?
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• 6/25/2017

Ronan's Dream

Where in the books does it describe the piece of the dream that Ronan brings into the real world? You know, the thing that shifts into a bird one second and something else the next? I'm trying to make a fanart gif of it, but nothing about it comes up online and I need to see the description again but I don't actually have any of the books. Can anyone help me?
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• 2/19/2017

adam parrish!!

hey! do u agree that adam parrish is a great + complex character whos, , generally a Good Man who i would die for?? w ow what a guy!! hes v inspiring
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• 12/1/2016
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