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• 4/29/2018

Blue, Gwenllian & gansey - the curse

I wanna know- Blue and Gwenllian have the same power, and the only reason Gansey died when blue kissed him, was because of his leyline heart( a mirror), which was too weak to compete with blue's heart/power ( a mirror). So when Gwenllian kissed Gansey, shouldn't he have died right then and there?
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• 5/18/2018
When did Gwenllian and Gansey kiss?
• 5/20/2018
when they were on the roof together, right before he saw the flock of birds and before he went into the cave to find Glendower.
• 5/20/2018
Gwenllian kissed him on his cheek, but "they" did not kiss. Gansey didn't reciprocate it like with Blue's kiss on the mouth. There was no mirroring of the action, so it was in no way the same
• 7/6/2018
makes sense I guess... but I want an explanation from Stiefvater, an official word because I am still a little sceptical.
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