Aglionby Academy

Boarding school


Henrietta, Virginia


Headmaster Child




Khaki pants, tie, shirt and a V-neck sweater with a raven emblem

Aglionby Academy is a prestigious all-boys school located in Henrietta, Virginia. It is a pre-Ivy League high school.

The mascot is the raven, which has given rise to the moniker "raven boys" for the students. The local population, most of whom cannot afford to attend Aglionby, are generally resentful of the raven boys' affluent presence in the town.



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Raven Day Edit

Raven Day is a prestigious school celebration started by Noah Czerny. On Raven Day, all the boys of Aglionby get or make a raven out of papier-mâché or other craft materials. The boys then swoop the raven through the sky like a colossal flock of ravens in the air. It was started when Noah had a dream about thousands of ravens swooping through the air as if fighting. It represents more than school spirit. It represents the union of all the Aglionby students as Raven Boys.


There are multiple buildings on the campus. The administration building is called Whitman House. It is an old building with tall, many-paned windows on one side and the staff offices on the other. The main academic building is called Welch Hall. On the other side of the campus is Borden House, a small frame house with navy blue carpet inside, where Latin, Greek and French classes are taught.



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