Cabeswater[edit | edit source]


Cabeswater is a magical forest that encompasses the heart of Henrietta's Ley Line. It serves as both a meter for how "energised" the line is, and a centre for bizarre magical occurrences. Inside Cabeswater, the laws of physics and reality itself are flexible, meaning the thoughts and feelings of anyone who enters can change physical aspects of the forest.

Monsters manifest themselves, a tree trunk shows people who climb inside dark visions of the future, and foliage undergoes seasonal changes in the span of a few hours. Time is warped, so that the amount of time spent inside Cabeswater can be completely different to how much time has elapsed on the outside.

The Trees[edit | edit source]

She would never forget the sound of a tree speaking, or that day when she'd discovered that intelligent, alien creatures completely surrounded her.

—Blue Sargent, Blue Lily, Lily Blue

The trees in the forest are ancient, watchful, and wise, embodying the magical qualities of Cabeswater. They communicate in fragmented Latin, and later, English. To the best of their abilities, the trees respond to the Raven Boys' requests, particularly Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch, such as keeping them safe, altering the climate, helping them weather time-skips, and locate lost things.

Adam Parrish[edit | edit source]

In The Raven Boys, Adam Parrish sacrificed himself to become Cabeswater's "hands and eyes". This amplified the Ley line, increasing the frequency and intensity of magical events in Henrietta. With Cabeswater now rooted in his physical and spiritual self, Adam was granted a psychic boost that allowed him to use tarot cards and other magical artefacts to communicate with Cabeswater effectively. Adam attended to Cabeswater's needs and spent much of The Raven King removing obstructions from the Ley line's energy pathway.

Ronan Lynch[edit | edit source]

In The Raven King, Ronan Lynch confesses to Adam Parrish that he rendered Cabeswater into its visible, tangible form. As a dreamer, he had drawn energy from the Ley line to manifest objects since childhood, but during adolescence, he accidentally turned Cabeswater magical forest capable of sustaining dream things.

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