Declan was tired of managing secrets. There was nothing brilliant about dreaming for the one left awake.

—A Very Declan Christmas

Declan Lynch
Biographical Information
Full name:

Declan T. Lynch





Kind: Human

College student in Washington, D.C.
Political Intern
Student at Aglionby Academy (alum)


Alexandria, Virginia
Dorm at Aglionby Academy (former)
The Barns (childhood home)


Niall Lynch† (father)
Aurora Lynch † (mother)
Ronan Lynch (brother)
Matthew Lynch (brother)


Jordan (romantic interest)

Physical Description


Hair color:

Dark brown

Eye color:


Declan Lynch, a former student at Aglionby Academy, is the eldest child of Niall and Aurora Lynch, and the older brother of Ronan and Matthew Lynch.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Declan is the eldest of the three Lynch brothers, and after the death of their father became the executor of the family's twenty-three million dollar trust fund. As such he controls the purse strings and feels responsible for both of his brothers, although Gansey doesn't believe Declan knows how to deal with Ronan anymore.

Although Declan and Ronan do not get along, it is made clear in The Dream Thieves that Declan is and has been protecting Ronan for many years, keeping the secret that Ronan, like their father, has the ability to remove objects and living creatures from his dreams. It was this ability that got their father killed, and Declan, while being beaten and threatened, refuses to tell a hit man that Ronan has the same ability.

He lived in a dormitory at Aglionby until his graduation, after which he moved from Henrietta to a townhouse in Alexandria to attend college in Washington, D.C. He still makes a four-hour round trip to Henrietta every Sunday so that the brothers can continue their tradition of attending church together.

Declan is politically ambitious and is said to have an internship with a politician called Mark Randal. Declan would frequently accompany his father to the Fairy Market, where Niall would sell his dreams and make money for the Lynch Family.

In Call Down the Hawk, Declan lives with Matthew in his Alexandria Town House until the end of the novel. He is presumed to currently reside in the Barns with his youngest brother and Jordan Hennessy.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Gansey calls Declan a 'man-whore', because he has sex with girls and dumps them the next day for another, though he seems to have a fairly stable relationship with Ashley. (It is later revealed in Call Down The Hawk that there were three different Ashleys that he dated throughout the Raven Cycle).

Declan acts very professional and much like a businessman. He is very protective of his two brothers, despite not being on good terms with Ronan. When Matthew moves in with him at the end of The Raven King, Declan fully assumes his role as a parent (reading articles on the topic, and being in close contact with Matthew's school).

It is later understood that Declan keeps much of his real personality under wraps, cultivating a dull and generic persona to avoid too much scrutiny. Like his father, he is skilled at the practice of story-telling and lying, and he finds enjoyment in secretive and criminal behavior (such as when he obtained the Tyrian purple for his date with Jordan). He has also demonstrated a passion for the arts, frequently going to art openings and even storing his attic with a private art collection (featuring the works of artists such as Soulages and Stubenrauch).

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Declan has dark brown hair, "perfectly controlled curls," blue eyes, a sharp nose (which he inherited from Niall), a wide jaw and smile, and a solid build. He is described as very handsome. Declan is usually seen wearing suits, which have been noted to make him appear older than he actually is.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Romance[edit | edit source]

In the first novel, he is shown to be in a relationship with a girl named Ashley. She is described as being close to Declan's age and having bleached blond hair, and their relationship seemingly continues throughout the entirety of The Raven Cycle. However, it was revealed in Call Down The Hawk that Declan had dated three different Ashleys over the course of the series, all seemingly similar in appearance and personality.

Declan meets Jordan at the Fairy Market, as she forges John Singer Sargent's "The Streets of Venice". He gives her his number on a card, which she later uses (in order to lure him out his home so her family can steal The Dark Lady.) They go on dates after this, such as when they trespass into a mansion for Jordan to paint Declan, or when Declan asks for her company in meeting Mór o Córra. His relationship with her begins to progress much further than any of his past relationships, with him taking her back to his place and eventually to his attic to show her his private art collection. To his great dismay, he learns that she is a dream, which causes their romance to come to an abrupt halt.

Family[edit | edit source]

Declan and his brother Ronan stopped getting along after their father died. Nevertheless, all three of the Lynch brothers go to church every Sunday and sit next to one another. Despite their uneasy relationship, they both seem to care about each other, even if they don't show it. In The Raven King, both of them seem to get along much better after they come to the understanding that they had experienced two very different sides of their father.

Both Declan and Ronan feel very protective of their younger brother, Matthew. Unlike Ronan, Declan has also known for a long time that Matthew is a dream creature that Ronan brought into the world when he was three years old.

Niall always made it very clear to Declan that Ronan was his favorite son. Niall would talk about Ronan's birth like it was a fantastic event, but when Declan asked about his own, he would answer, flatly, "Wouldn't know. I wasn't there." Declan probably loved his father, but he viewed Niall's dreaming as reckless and dangerous. Declan eventually resents his father, for leaving him and his brothers defenseless and unprepared for dealing with the world of dreaming. In times of distress, he is prone to curse his father's memory (even when not applicable).

Aurora appeared to have loved Declan despite not being his biological mother. He is the one to see her fall asleep two days after Niall's death. It is also mentioned that, unlike his brothers, he isn't able to love Aurora on the level his brothers do given his skepticism.

It is revealed that Declan is in fact not the biological son of Aurora, but a real woman named Mór o Córra Little is known about Mór o Córra, besides the fact that she is involved in an all-woman group called Boudicca. Declan purchases the Dark Lady knowing that it is a portrait of his mother rather than Aurora. Eventually, he gives in to impulse, and retrieves the number his father left inside the portrait in order to contact her. Accompanied by Jordan, he attempts to meet his mother, only to encounter The New Fenian, who advises Declan and Jordan to stay away both Mór o Córra and Boudicca for their own safety. It is apparent that Niall Lynch dreamt Aurora to look like Declan's mother (which makes it equally apparent that Niall Lynch is a creepy fucking loser).

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Declan is an insomniac.
  • He owns a Volvo.
  • Whenever Niall said his name, he only meant to say "Declan." And his birth, unlike the other Lynch kids', had no known magical story - in fact, Niall claimed to have been absent for it.
  • He is described by the author as the "other, less shiny brother."
  • He is also described as Niall Lynch's "most natural son," leading some fans to speculate that he is not in fact Aurora's biological son (which was proven to be true in Call Down The Hawk.)
  • When Aurora is awakened from her dream sleep at the end of the second book, Declan is not present. He is also not present in any subsequent scenes where the other brothers visit her.
  • He has a business card with just his name and number printed on it, despite being an intern.
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