Jimi is a psychic who lives at300 Fox Way with her relatives and friends. She is the mother of Orla.  

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jimi and her sister appear to have been among the first to establish a home in 300 Fox Way. 

She is of little consequence throughout the first book, only mentioned as being Orla's mother and as looking particularly similar to the younger psychic. She has therefore little impact on the narrative, serving as only one of four most prominent women of 300 Fox Way, and it is throughout the fourth novel that she is established as one of the heads of the house.

Jimi demonstrates a close relationship with her niece, depicted during the scene in which Blue returns home from a Cabeswater trip, wherein she is seen comforting Blue and offering advice. During the concluding novel of the series, she tells Blue that her wishing to be away from their home is natural, and that she has no obligation to stay with them.

Personality[edit | edit source]

From what we've seen, Jimi is shown to be very kind and loving - although she is mentioned as having punched Calla. She demonstrates affection for Blue and for her sister, showing worry that Blue may have her death predicted on the ley line. It is safe to assume she bears no ill will to the boys and is shown to be very struck when she hears that Gansey is destined to die in his youth. Overall, Jimi appears one of the more peaceful characters throughout the series.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

She is described as being of wide circumference, and looking strikingly similar to Orla. As such, we may assume she possesses a rather prominent nose, deep dark skin and dark hair. She is said to be very tall and to share little features with her sisters or niece.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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