Maura Sargent is a psychic who lives at 300 Fox Way with her relatives and friends. She is the mother of Blue Sargent

Biography[edit | edit source]

Maura's life before Blue is mostly a mystery. She met Calla and Persephone while hitchhiking to Henrietta, the three of them drawn by the town's psychic energy. Sometime after settling into Fox Way, Maura fell in love with tree-light Artemus - the spirit of a magical tree inhabiting a human body. When he disappeared, she raised Blue on her own.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Maura is a stoic and dependable woman, who derives confidence from her ability to divine the future. It is said that "a poor childhood in West Virginia" left Maura with "a strong sense of self-reliance, a high tolerance for discomfort, and a black sense of humor". She does not mince her words, but is openly affectionate with her daughter. She is quick to forgive, does not believe in giving orders, and mostly leaves Blue to her own devices. She subscribes to a non-traditional lifestyle, involving only women, day-drinking, and tree worship.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

Maura is described as a taller version of her daughter, with similar dark hair and high cheekbones. She has trademark tattered jeans and a preference for going barefoot.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Romances[edit | edit source]

Mr. Gray is Maura's boyfriend.

Artemus is a former lover of Maura and the father of her daughter, Blue.

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