Monmouth Manufacturing is a disused warehouse located at 1136 Monmouth, Henrietta, Virginia. It is owned and occupied as a private residence by Richard Gansey III and his friends Ronan Lynch and Noah Czerny.

Description[edit | edit source]

Monmouth has a brick exterior with darkened windows and the words "Monmouth Manufacturing" embossed on the east-facing facade. Gansey isn't certain what goods Monmouth used to house but the property also includes an overgrown yard. The warehouse has two stories with twenty-five foot (6.5 metre) high ceilings. The ground floor is barren, save for dust and concrete.

The boys live on the second floor. Gansey sleeps in the central living area, which is dominated by a miniature cardboard model of Henrietta and huge windows. Floor-to-ceiling shelves store boxes of Gansey's documents related to his search for Glendower. Noah's room was allocated the boiler room, opposite Ronan's room. The bathroom doubles as space to store the fridge. Blue Sargent remarks Monmouth reminds her of the combined residence of an explorer, a scholar, and a mad scientist.

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