Mrs. Kavinsky
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Kind: Human

Kavinsky mansion


Mr. Kavinsky (husband)
Joseph Kavinsky † (son)

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Mrs. Kavinsky is the mother of Joseph Kavinsky She is a drug addict and is often high on cocaine, similar to her son. Not much is said about her except that she had worn away her septum from cocaine use. She is only seen bent over a toilet, likely vomiting, when Mr. Gray comes into the Kavinsky household in The Dream Thieves. She isn't mentioned after her sons death.

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Relationships Edit

Joseph Kavinsky Edit

Joseph Kavinsky is Mrs. Kavinsky's son. They are not seen together in canon and nothing is known about their relationship outside of speculation.

Mr. Kavinsky Edit

There is nothing known about Mr. and Mrs. Kavinsky's relationship, but one can assume there might be some stress since Mrs. Kavinsky lives in Henrietta with Joseph instead of with Mr. Kavinsky (assuming Ronan's was correct in thinking Joseph was sent to Aglionby Academy because of his alleged attempt to kill his father).

The Gray Man Edit

When Mr. Gray is investigating the Kavinsky mansion while looking for the Greywaren, he finds a "house full of wonders". He stumbles across Mrs. Kavinsky in the bathroom vomiting. He tells her he is a figment of her imagination and she accepts it without question, likely because she's high on cocaine.