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I've been dead for seven years. That's as warm as they get.

—Noah to Ashley about the temperature of his hands.

Noah Czerny
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Biographical Information
Full name:

Noah Czerny


Unknown date


17 (before death)
24 (as a ghost)


The Smudgy One (Gansey)
Very Dead (Ronan)



Kind: Ghost

Student at Aglionby Academy (former)


Monmouth Manufacturing
Dorm at Aglionby Academy (former)


Mr. Czerny (father)
Mrs. Czerny (mother)
Adele Czerny (sister)
Unnamed Czerny (sister)

Physical Description


Hair color:

Light colored hair

Noah Czerny was a student at Aglionby Academy. He was murdered by his then-friend, Barrington Whelk, in an attempt to awaken the Ley line. He lived with his close friends Richard Gansey and  Ronan Lynch, as well as Adam Parrish and Blue Sargent, until he sacrificed his ghost form to save a life.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Noah Czerny attended Aglionby Academy at least seven years before his friends. He was Barrington Whelk’s roommate and he offered to help him find the Ley line. Whelk turned on him and murdered Czerny as part of a misconceived ritual sacrifice. He was beaten to death on the side of the head with a skateboard.  

Czerny remained in Henrietta as a ghost for seven years before meeting Gansey, Ronan, and Adam. He stayed at Monmouth Manufacturing with Gansey and Ronan where his perpetual absence from school and unnaturally clean room went unnoticed. His friends were saddened but not surprised to discover that Noah was a ghost.

After Adam forges his connection with Cabeswater, he becomes aware that producing large dream objects notably reduce Noah's presence in the physical world.

Throughout the series, Czerny's presence dissipates: he speaks less, his appearances are brief and random, he becomes more transparent. His friends rebury his bones at the old ruined church atop the Ley line in an attempt to stabilise his energy.

In the second half of the series, Czerny was possessed by Gwenllian, and the Demon, which required Blue, then Gansey to command the spirits to release him.

In The Raven King, satisfied with his time in the mortal coil, Czerny sacrifices himself to Cabeswater to bring Gansey back to life.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Noah valued time alone and spoke sparingly. He was more observant than he got credit for, consoling and keeping secrets for people close to him. As the series progressed, Czerny’s personality became quiet and nondescript as his spirit faded. He frequently, "re-enacted his own death," complete with spasms and pleading with the unseen spectre of Whelk.

When he was around his friends, Czerny’s more extroverted personality appeared. He enjoyed street racing and brawling with Ronan. His sense of humour was highly understated; his first line in the series was “I died seven years ago,” which the boys register as a joke. He was a loyal, caring friend; when Adam nearly lost his life scrying, Czerny was distraught. He likes hugs and kisses, which he doesn't get enough of. Beneath this, Czerny was sensitive about his death. His sister described him as energetic, cheerful, and animated before his death.

Physical description[edit | edit source]

[He] was smudgy… with a rumpled, faded look about his person, like his body had been laundered too many times.

—- The Raven Boys

Noah is described as being grubby and "smudgy", with combed-back, fair hair. He has a dark smudge on his cheekbone, beneath his left eye, which is the result of part of his skull caving in where Whelk delivered the killing blow. His sister has tiny eyes with cheerful bags, and large ears covered by fine hair; features Noah shares.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Noah is derived from the Hebrew name נוֹחַ (Noach) meaning "rest, comfort".
  • Noah drank his mother's birthday schnapps while he was still alive, and, at his funeral, he asked Blue to tell her he was sorry for that.
  • His bones were reburied by his friends at the old ruined church on the ley line in an attempt to stabilize his energy.
  • He used to own a red Mustang, which had a Blink-182 sticker on it.
  • He used to be on the Aglionby swim team.
  • He was the student who started the idea for the Raven Day festivities in Aglionby; it was proposed by his sister after his death.
  • Aside from his friends, (Blue, Ronan, Gansey, Adam) few people can see Noah. Those who can include Mr. Gray, the women of Fox Way, Jesse Dittley, and, surprisingly, Declan's girlfriend, Ashley.
  • Ronan once tossed him out of a window for fun.
  • He likes glitter, a lot.
  • He is a pisces.
  • He is also dead, very very dead.
  • He deserved better.
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