Actually, I don't care about that. I mean, the cards are very interesting and I don't want to discount what you do. But I didn't really come here to have my future told to me. I'm quite okay with finding that out myself.

—Gansey, after receiving the Death card in his reading

Richard Gansey III
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Biographical Information
Full name:

Richard "Dick" Campbell Gansey III




Alive (resurrected)


Richard Gansey
President Cell Phone (by Blue)
Gansey Boy
Dick Three (by Henry)

Kind: Human

Student at Aglionby Academy (alum)


Monmouth Manufacturing
England (former)
Washington, D.C. (hometown)


Richard Gansey II (father)
Mrs. Gansey (mother)
Helen Gansey (sister)


Blue Sargent (girlfriend, true love)

Physical Description


Hair color:


Eye color:


Richard Campbell Gansey III, mostly referred to just as Gansey, is a student who attends Aglionby Academy. He is friends with Ronan Lynch, Adam Parrish, Noah Czerny, Blue Sargent, and Henry Cheng (as of The Raven King) who are aiding him in the search for the supposedly deceased Welsh King, Owen Glendower.

Biography Edit

As a child, Gansey—who has a deadly allergy to wasps—stumbled across a nest of them in the woods outside of the home of a family friend. He was viciously attacked, but, as he lay dying, he heard the words: "You will live because of Glendower. Someone else on the ley line is dying when they should not, and so you will live when you should not." Gansey miraculously survived this encounter—though it left him traumatized—and it sparked his intense desire to find the ancient Welsh king, Glendower.

Gansey went to a variety of different high schools during his teenage years; though, never for long. He leapt from place to place, often following the ley lines, continuing his research regarding Glendower. These travels lead him to various places around the world, including Britain, where he met Professor Malory, a supernatural enthusiast with a sensitivity to energy, who had already conducted his own research into the ley lines. He stayed in Britain for a fairly long amount of time; however while traveling along a line with Malory, he would sometimes suffer panic attacks, triggered from the memory of his near-death experience. This event haunted Gansey and later he would get into a terrible argument with Malory and leave without a word. At some point, his travels took him to Poland, where he met a man who was able to follow the directions of the ley lines, as long as he was singing—a memory Gansey later recounts to Blue.

Eventually, Gansey came to Aglionby Academy, in Henrietta, Virginia. He purchased an abandoned building, Monmouth Manufacturing, converting it into his home.

There, he met fellow student Ronan Lynch, the son of the wealthy Irishman, Niall Lynch; the two became close friends, despite their seemingly clashing personalities. Later when Niall Lynch was killed by The Gray Man, Gansey helped Ronan survive the loss (which had changed Ronan largely) allowing the latter to move into Monmouth with him when he was forbidden from returning home. When Gansey left for D.C for a weekend in The Dream Thieves Ronan didn't really know how he would cope and found himself feeling very hurt. They part with Gansey telling Ronan "while I'm gone, dream me the world. Something new for every night." The two consider each other family— brothers.


Later, Gansey met Adam Parrish, a local boy who had gained a scholarship to Aglionby. The two first become friends when Adam passed by Gansey by the side of the road with his broken down Camaro and Adam, who has experience as a mechanic, taught Gansey how to fix it. They became good friends despite their contrasting backgrounds, though this remains a point of contention between the two. Adam and Gansey do fall out regularly for brief spots of time, generally concerning Gansey 'trying to buy Adam' or for 'unwanted pity', probably resulting from Adams mentally and physically abusive upbringing. However, they consider each best friends, sharing a deep platonic love.

At some point, Gansey met Noah Czerny—who he assumed was a student—and befriended him; eventually, Noah moved into Monmouth with Gansey and Ronan, though neither can remember exactly when that happened. [Spoilers.........] In addition, Noah was murdered on the ley line at the same time Gansey was killed by hornets when he was 10 years old and Noah 17. It is later revealed that it was the voice of Noah's spirit who spoke to Gansey as he died and told him: "You will live because of Glendower. Someone else on the ley line is dying when they should not, and so you will live when you should not", making Noah responsible for not only Gansey's second chance at life, but also his defining quest for Glendower. Gansey is quite haunted by the fact that the reason he survived his encounter with the hornets is because of Noah's brutal murder, and this in part leads to his determination to make his life meaningful.

He first hears the voice of Blue Sargent on a recording speaking to his spirit on St Marks Eve (April 25th). He actually meets Blue in person for the first time shortly after the beginning of The Raven Boys, when Gansey approached her at her workplace, Nino's Pizza, to try to act as a wingman on Adam's behalf. In the brief conversation they have, he managed to deeply offend Blue by offering to cover her salary at Nino's in the time it would take for her to speak with Adam, which she took to imply he saw her as a prostitute. As she briefly dates Adam, Blue and Gansey end up moving past their disastrous first impression and become friends. Near the end of Blue and Adam's relationship, Blue begins to realize she has feelings for Gansey and after the two break up, they enter a secret and cautious relationship, due to apprehension about Blue's curse and not wanting to hurt Adam. In the Raven King, Gansey, sick of hiding their relationship, tells Adam and Ronan that he and Blue are together and Adam, who had already figured it out, thanks him for telling him. Later, Gansey tells Adam that he thinks Blue is his true love, because something about her makes him feel quiet in the way Henrietta does and because Gansey, an insomniac, can sleep after he talks to her.

He also quickly befriends Henry Cheng in The Raven King, who he had previously been friendly with. The friendship really starts when both Blue and Gansey join Henry and the Vancouver crowd for a toga party, where then they proceed to making rough plans to travel together to Venezuela. Henry had shared and kept personal secrets with Gansey, strengthening elements of new born trust. The two become close extremely quickly, surprising even them, and Henry describes the relationship as jeong, or blood brothers and instant friends.


Gansey is an intelligent individual. In terms of personality, there is noted to be—particularly by Blue—"two Ganseys". One is a fragile, slightly eccentric, passionate young man, who is dedicated to his dogged search for an ancient Welsh king, is an insomniac, chews mint leaves, drives a loud orange Camaro, and has a miniaturized model of Henrietta in his apartment. The other is a charismatic man who can socialize easily and manipulate others, ruling as a "king" of Aglionby Academy. This difference is said to be visible in his expression.

However, Gansey has shown himself to be a caring, loving friend. He did not desert Ronan when the latter became reckless and violent, after his father's death, and often covers for him and fixes his mistakes. He stands by Adam even when they argue bitterly over Gansey's money and Adam's abusive home life. He gives Noah his own room in Gansey's home, Monmouth Manufacturing, even though the former is rarely there.

Gansey is described as "very loud," along with Ronan and Adam, by psychics Maura SargentPersephone Poldma, and Calla, when they go for a reading.

Physical descriptionEdit

Gansey is described as a handsome young man. He is noted to be tall with a square build, and short, tousled brown hair with hazel eyes and a straight nose. He has been said to look "presidential" and "all-American". 

At Aglionby, he wears the uniform: a sweater with a raven monogram, a white shirt and a tie, paired with khaki chinos. Outside of school, he often wears cargo pants, colorful collared shirts and Topsiders. Along with boat shoes that the others dislike. In the book trailer by Maggie Stiefvater, Gansey was portrayed as white.

He has poor eyesight, and wears contact lenses most of the time; in private, he usually wears wire-framed glasses.

Special abilities Edit

Gansey has the voice of a king (i.e. the ability to use a certain voice to command his will).

He once demanded that animals should awaken even though they were decayed to their bones, yet they woke up alive with all their flesh and bone intact.

In the Raven King, he demanded that he be shown the way to Glendower and a flock of ravens showed him the way.

Possessions Edit

  • Camaro: Gansey has an old reddish orange 1973 Camaro, which he has named "The Pig"
  • Leather journal: a fat journal with leather wrappings, where he keeps all his discoveries and notes about Glendower. Filled with glued-in book passages, maps, notes and doodles, it has become utterly worn.
  • Mint Plant: Instead of gum Gansey chews mint leaves which he is often described doing. He keeps the plant on his desk.

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