So first off if you haven't heard yet, Maggie and Scholastic made the first eight chapters of her upcoming book Call Down the Hawk available online as a free preview.  This is not crappy cell phone pics or cheap scans of the samplers that were handed out at BookCon last weekend. This is an official upload fully supported and authorized by the author and publisher. THIS IS THE BOOK.  If you're not one of the 7k (as of the time of writing this) fans who have already viewed/downloaded this you can get it here:

Got it? Good. It's a short read. I plowed through it in about 45 min between reading and squealing at my friends as they were reading and passing it around.

First impression: I'm loving it. It's really exciting seeing this book taking it on the road like this and leaving the familiar borders of Henrietta. Also, I think this excerpt is a perfect sized bite into the book. We get a small taste of new characters Jordan Hennessey and Carmen Farooq-Lane, enough to get a sense of what kind of role they are playing in this saga. But the meat and potatoes of it is still what the fans are really excited for: new content on Ronan, his brothers, and Adam. We get to find out a little bit of what's been going on with Ronan's dreamer affliction (nightwash). We find out what university Adam got into (omg HARVARD??) and we get to see the Lynch Brothers being, well, the Lynch Brothers. 

I'm really satisfied with this appetizer, even if I'm stuck waiting five more months for the entree.

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